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phonogram booklet, phonogram cards, montessori reading folder, montessori language, mindsprout
How to Teach Phonograms Using Montessori Reading Folders
Introducing phonograms to students can be interesting and interactive using the Montessori phonogram booklets and cards. Know how here!
phonetic reading, phonetic books, little books, montessori reading
More Reading Practice Using Simple Phonetic Books
Phonetic books improve reading skills by practicing to decode simple words. Read more to find resources of great decodable books.
puzzle cards, montessori language, sight words
How to Learn Reading Sight Words in Montessori
Table of Contents What are Puzzle Words? Tips in Learning to Read Sight Words in Montessori 1. Start with the basics – Phonemic Awareness & Phonics 2. Learn with Puzzle Word Cards 3. Make...
activity words, montessori language, dwyer approach, mindsprout materials
Simple & Fun Way How to Read Phonetic Words
Using activity word cards in Montessori promotes language development and enhances vocabulary skills. This helps master phonetic reading in a fun way!
interpretative reading, montessori language
How to Begin Interpretative Reading the Montessori Way
Montessori is so beautiful in its scientific way of teaching the children towards total reading. Know when your child is ready to read here!
How to Begin Writing in Montessori Using Movable Alphabets
Learn how this tool can help children experiment with words and sentences, foster a love of writing, and improve writing skills. Determine how to begin and the different stages that follow!
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