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Why is Hometessori for you?

Montessori at home is often thought of as only limited to rich families and those with spacious homes and have training. These are unnecessary limitations that our curriculum, Hometessori, is crossing.

  • You can implement and follow Montessori even without teaching background or training.
  • You can homeschool with limited space.
  • You can provide lessons without expensive materials.

About Montessori

Montessori education is designed to meet the needs of children at every stage of their lives. It is not simply a method of teaching but a way of life, emphasizing the importance of observing what is already present and bringing about the best possible outcomes for each child

Therefore, the focus is on fulfilling the inner needs of the child, rather than aiming for specific intellectual or academic achievements

The learning triangle in Montessori consists of the adult, the child, and the environment.

The adult prepares the environment to foster each child’s independence within defined limits. This setting is maintained with order and calmness  allowing children to focus and engage in their tasks independently. The adult offers guidance and support as the child progresses at their own pace.

The key principles include respect for the child, the absorbent mind, sensitive periods, prepared environment, hands-on learning and more. You can read further here.

Sensitive periods are specific times in a child’s development when they are particularly receptive to learning certain skills or knowledge. Montessori education takes advantage of these windows to introduce concepts at the most opportune times.

Montessori at home involves creating a prepared environment that encourages independence and exploration. This includes using child-sized furniture, accessible learning materials, and allowing the child to choose activities that interest them.

It doesn’t require having all wooden toys or having all the classroom materials. It’s not setting up your home to be like a classroom. You can implement Montessori at home even with just what you already have.

Hometessori is a comprehensive Montessori homeschool curriculum with printable materials.

It simplifies the Montessori method without compromising on the natural progression of lessons and making it more affordable for all families, regardless of their budget or prior Montessori experience.

The basic collection covers four key learning areas: Language, Math, Sensorial, and Practical Life

An upgrade which includes the Life Science, Physical Science, Geography, History, Arts & Music will be available soon.

Yes, each subject in the Hometessori Manuals includes a scope and sequence, outlining the progression of key lessons and activities in line with the Montessori principles.

Yes, the scope and sequence includes key lessons that are integral to the Montessori curriculum, ensuring high-fidelity to the principles and covering what is essential for skills development and establishing the love of learning.

Each learning area includes detailed lesson presentations and extension activities in the Hometessori Manuals and DIY printable materials to go along with the lessons in the Hometessori Print Kits.

In more detail, the Hometessori Manuals include:

  • Montessori Theory
  • Scope & Sequence with monitoring checkboxes
  • Lesson guides, including the aims of each & how each is presented in easy steps
  • Recommended age for presentation
  • Materials to prepare
  • Extension activities
  • Daily observation record
  • Weekly planner

and the Hometessori Print Kits include:

  • Related lessons
  • Instructions on how to prepare the material
  • Ready-to-print-and-cut materials
  • Recommended storage
  • Alternative material, if any
  • Other tips and suggestions

Note: The Print “Kit” only includes the printable materials and does not include the tools that may be necessary to create them.

While Hometessori aims to make Montessori more accessible and affordable especially for homeschoolers who might not need expensive sets of materials intended for multiple usage, Hometessori can also be used by teachers in their own classes.

Yes, the Hometessori Manuals and Print Kits remain accessible forever. You can print multiple copies anytime you want.

Most of the printables in the Hometessori Print Kits are manipulatives that can be used through the years, unlike worksheets that are usually written on and disposed or recycled after being used once.

Hometessori is not only a Montessori album of lessons. It is also a collection of printable materials that go along with the lessons. 

It is created with intention to make Montessori more doable with little to no experience or training.

Preparation is made easier with thoughtful layouts of each printable activity, in a way that saves paper and saves time for cutting.

Basic supplies like paper, glue, scissors, printer, laminating sheets, and laminator will suffice for most of the printable materials in the Hometessori Print Kit.

Absolutely! We’ve included theoretical sections elaborating on the Montessori principles within each learning area for the adult preparation.

Hometessori Manuals are also designed with clear, step-by-step instructions with suggested scripts to make it easy for parents with no prior Montessori experience to follow and implement the lessons.

Each lesson also includes a section of “why we do it” so that the presentations are done with intention and guided expectations.

As the need arises to homeschool, Hometessori supports and equips the home educators with user-friendly and comprehensive guides.

Preparations are necessary for every lesson and may take a while to get used to but the tools are here for you to implement a system that works for you!

The Hometessori Print Kits include easy-to-follow DIY instructions for every lesson.

The layouts of every printable also ensure that even those with limited crafting skills can create effective learning materials and save some time in cutting and preparing.

Hometessori Print Kits include storage suggestions for each printable material.

The printable materials for every lesson are also indicated with 🖨️ icon so you can arrange the materials together with the lesson in an accordion folder or organized packets. 

You can also print-as-you-go, display the printed material, and store when done.


Currently, the Hometessori collection is offered as a complete package to ensure comprehensive coverage of all key learning areas.

Nevertheless, we also offer the Hometessori Manuals & Print Kits of each learning area separately.

The Hometessori Manuals and Print Kits are provided as digital downloads, allowing you immediate access to the materials and the flexibility to print what you need.

You will not receive any physical item with your purchase.

The Hometessori Collection is already heavily discounted.

The original value of the Basic Collection (3-6) is $440 but we’re offering it at a much lower price during our launch and while the upgrade is not yet available.

Grab it now to save about 40%!

Due to the digital nature of files, no refund or cancellation can be offered. If there’s any problem with the file/s please contact us for further assistance.

You can contact our customer support team via email at hello@mindsprout.in or send us a message on Instagram @MindSproutPH. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.


You can read about our printing, cutting, laminating, and binding tips and instructions here.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. The good news is that most issues can be easily resolved. To get started, check out our printing solutions by clicking here.

You can easily print the files from your home computer or at any local print shop (such as Staples, OfficeDepot, etc.)

There are also printing services, particularly for homeschool materials, that I can recommend:

• (US) Watson Family Press 
• (US) MFC: Homeschool Printing – Use code SPROUT for 10% off
• (CA) Homeschool Print & Prep – Use MINDSPROUT5 for 5% off

Please note that colors may vary slightly due to different monitor settings and it may appear differently in print than on screen. The final print quality will depend on the printer and paper used.

Our files cannot be edited due to licensing restrictions that limit the use of certain fonts and images. If you need a specific modification (e.g., language translation, typographical error, personal preferences), please contact me at hello@mindsprout.in about a custom order.

The files are for personal use only. You are prohibited to share, edit, resell, or post files online on publicly available sites without the express written permission from the creators of MindSprout.

You may print, design, and use the file/s in your home or work place but may not resell, reproduce, distribute, or profit in any way from the printable products and designs.

To be clear, you may not share the files you have purchased to your friends and family. You may however print them and use them in your own home as many times as you need.

You’re also free to share my shop info with friends and family so they can enjoy my activities too.

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