Hometessori Grant Program

At MindSprout, we believe in making Montessori education accessible to every child, regardless of
financial circumstances. So we’ve decided to offer the Hometessori Primary Album Collection
(including the upgrade once it’s available) in our Hometessori Grant Program, designed to support
families who may face financial barriers in accessing the Montessori education.

Program Details

  • Objective: The Hometessori Grant Program aims to provide our educational resources to families who demonstrate a genuine need and a commitment to Montessori principles.

  • Grant Inclusions: Selected applications will receive full access to our Hometessori Primary Album Collection. The basic collection includes comprehensive manuals and print kits for Language, Math, Sensorial, and Practical Life, designed for children ages 2.5-6. The upgraded collection will be added as it becomes available.

  • Application Process: Interested families are invited to submit a simple application form below 👇 detailing their circumstances and explaining why they believe their child would benefit from the Hometessori curriculum. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will still be considered for the succeeding months. 📷 Pictures of your family or learning environment are not required but would be helpful to give us a better idea of your situation. You can send them using the same e-mail in your application to hello@mindsprout.in.

  • Eligibility: Families from all backgrounds and locations are welcome to apply. Applicants will be evaluated based on financial need, commitment to Montessori education, and the potential impact on their child’s educational journey. Those who have been previously selected for the grant are no longer eligible.

  • Selection Process: Each month, we will select three (3) deserving families or remote school administrators. They will be notified of their grant award via email and will receive instructions on how to access the Hometessori curriculum.

  • TestimonialsIf you’ve been selected for the grant, we’d love to hear from you again. Kindly share some photos and testimonials about how the Hometessori curriculum has helped your child’s education, so we would also get a better grasp of the impact of our work. With your permission, we’d also like to share it with others.

Application Form

Check all that applies.
You can send pictures of your learning environment to hello@mindsprout.in 📨 By submitting the photos, you give us permission to use them and share when you get selected in the program.
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