Hometessori Primary Album Basic Collection (Ages 2.5-6)

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Getting started with Montessori homeschooling? Here’s the perfect tool to have in your toolbox — the Hometessori curriculum!

The primary album includes the Montessori lessons for around ages 3 to 6 which are collated in the Hometessori Manuals. These lessons include the materials, objectives, simple step-by-step presentations (and suggested scripts!), plus some extension activities too. We’ve also arranged a digital Hometessori Print Kit for these lessons that would be useful for homeschoolers who prefer to DIY whenever possible.

You will be able to jumpstart your homeschool journey with our Basic Collection covering Language, Math, Practical Life, and the Sensorial learning areas.

Coming soon: Hometessori Primary Album Upgraded Collection

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📌 This is a digital downloadable file. You won’t be receiving any physical product.


You will receive a navigation file containing the links to the following:

1. Language
– Manual (100+ pages)
– Print Kit Volume 1 (600+ pages)
– Print Kit Volume 2 (200+ pages)

2. Math
– Manual (100+ pages)
– Print Kit (700 pages)

3. Sensorial
– Manual (90+ pages)
– Print Kit (300+ pages)

4. Practical Life
– Manual (100+ pages)
– Print Kit (200+ pages)

5. Lesson navigation & record-keeping spreadsheet
– Scope & sequences for Language, Math, Sensorial, Practical life
– Links to the available printable materials in the Hometessori Print Kits
– with an editable feature so you can monitor your child’s progress and write your observation

🤷 Do you have any questions? Head over to our FAQs page and we might have ready answers for you!

4 reviews for Hometessori Primary Album Basic Collection (Ages 2.5-6)

  1. ChaaliHandsonLearningDesign (verified owner)

    Wow, this bundle is amazing. If you are new to Montessori, or even if you are a seasoned Montessori Professional this bundle is comprehensive, practical and beautiful. As a Montessori 3-12 guide, I myself know the realities of working with children and sourcing appropriate and authentic resources and this bundle meets all of those criterion. The attention to detail, background information, sequencing, checklists, and printable files are such an amazing place to start your Montessori Homeschool Journey.

    If you are in the classroom you will also find these guidebooks and print files will save you so much time and money by having everything you need to get started in one place, hyperlinked (between sections) and ready to print and prepare. There is just the right blend of items you will find around the house to DIY with, print at home and if you have a few ‘Montessori Materials’ already this is still going to supplement very nicely with what you have.

    Great thought and care has been put into, not only the contents but the amount of paper and laminating pouches you will need, with print files spaced out perfectly for effective preparation. Sequenced Language cards are both colour coded and numbered to make sorting small cards a breeze. Do yourself a favour and STOP trying to piece this all together yourself and get organised with everything you need to get started quickly, comprehensively AND affordably.. Simply Stunning.

  2. Sandra Copping

    I’m reviewing these materials as an experienced and qualified Montessori Directress. This pack is so well thought through, designed and presented. The lesson plans for each activity are excellent, clear and easy to follow. The printable versions of the materials are exceptionally good for those activities where a printable is an alternative option. The Montessori Lesson Plans equal those provided to me when I studied for my full teaching Diploma, actually they are more user friendly.

    Although created for Montessori at home, many of the printables would make outstanding additions within an authentic Montessori classroom too. The lesson plans are also highly recommended for those untrained guides or those where Montessori training has been basic or limited to just the philosophy.

    For those at home, especially where the budget is small, the printable versions of iconic Montessori Materials are excellent. Although the original wooden materials are the preferred option, for many they are beyond reach due to their price. Although the printable are clearly print, and not wood, they are still far superior to most learning resources used with young children. They remain specific to the skill to be learnt, clear and simple, ‘it does what it says on the can’.

    If you’re about to launch in to a Montessori career, decided upon Montessori at home for your baby, or embarking on your home learning journey with 2-5’s, I fully recommend purchasing this pack.

    Montessori at home is so much more than a low shelf and a floor bed! This pack will open your eyes, educate your soul and empower you to really bring Montessori in to your home for happier, healthier and better educated children.

    Good luck, Sandra @Montessori with Miss Sandra

  3. Julia Wentzel (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with this curriculum! When my son was at the infant/toddler stage, we were pretty committed to following the Montessori Method of teaching. However, as he got to be a bit older, I found the materials and concepts to be a bit confusing to understand properly without having a background as a trained Montessori teacher. As soon as I started reading about this curriculum, however, I knew that would all change. After reading through a few lessons, I had my lightbulb moment and knew I would be capable of continuing to use the Montessori method when we began homeschooling. I absolutely love how these lessons are designed and how simple they are to understand. You don’t need to be a trained Montessori teacher to be successful with this curriculum. I also love that many of the resources can be simply printed out rather than needing to buy a lot of physical materials. This can be a great way to be able to give your child a Montessori-based education without needing to spend thousands of dollars on materials. Each lesson also includes the recommended age level making it easy to understand where to begin, what might be too easy, or what may be too difficult. All in all, I highly recommend it to any parent interested in Montessori education!

  4. Sharlie Burne (verified owner)

    I’m excited to support such a deeply developed product that aims to aid homeschoolers in their Montessori journey. The Hometessori albums, scope, and print kit will put resources in the hands of every parent with a 2-6 year old. I feel confident parents will be able to navigate and understand the curriculum, without having formal guide training, as it is developed with this in mind. Each lesson in the digital album has terrific visuals, the scope & sequence for the first plane child (up to age six) is clearly laid out with at-the-ready links to printable materials and lesson supports. This is an added bonus for parents on a budget – Montessori materials are very expensive – or for those with smaller environments that cannot house all of the traditional materials. As a 3-6 trained Montessori Guide, I feel abundantly confident in this resource and cannot wait to see parents across the world thrive in their journey of home-learning with the support of this product.

    -Sharlie​​ R. Burnie
    Certified Montessori Educator: ages 3 – 12

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Hometessori Primary Album Basic Collection (Ages 2.5-6)
Original price was: $440.00.Current price is: $280.00.
  • $ USD
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  • $ CAD
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