Montessori Printable Materials and Gift Items for Teachers and Parents

MindSprout began with a need – a need to nurture my own child in the most effective way I know how, i.e., through Montessori education and philosophy. Montessori emphasizes on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. It helps children develop a love of learning and encourages them to think creatively.

After I left my corporate job to be a SAHM, I began creating these digital Montessori-inspired activities for my daughter and I loved it! I wanted to share it to other parents who share the same interest with me about Montessori and yet may not have as much time creating these materials and activities from scratch. You will only need to print and cut.

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MindSprout offers various printable materials for different subject areas in Montessori, mostly in language arts, math, and science. We focus on providing high-quality & high-fidelity (to Montessori principles) materials with high value for your money. These materials are most suitable for children in the first plane of development (i.e., toddler to primary level, ages 0-6). We also format the files, as much as we can, in a way that saves paper when printing and saves you time when cutting!

⭐️ We’re also now offering physical merchandise for your shelves, wardrobe, and gift caches. Yay! You’ll find Montessori mats and Montessori-inspired gift items in our shop. Check them out here:Β https://etsy.me/3X4xTB5

Behind the Scenes

Hello, I’m Jovis! I’m the mompreneur behind MindSprout.Β Other than homemaking, homeschooling, and business, I also devote my life to help others find hope in God and live by His Word. It is what makes my life filled with purpose. I find fulfillment in seeing people experience changes in their ways of thinking and living. Such things only God can do. He’s amazing.Β So with this work, I really hope to help people too, if not directly through my faith, then through these materials that I create.

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I also write posts related to being a Christian, Montessori homeschooler, and working mom on my personal blog at https://www.gracedrivenmom.comΒ 

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