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knobless cylinders
How to Use the Montessori Knobless Cylinders
The Montessori knobless cylinders helps the child to discover the relationships between the four series of cylinders through observation and comparisons. This also helps clarify ideas about dimensions...
Montessori Brown Stairs and Extension Activities
The Montessori Brown Stairs help children develop their visual discrimination skills by distinguishing and matching the prisms based on size. It also aids in the refinement of fine motor skills as children...
pink tower
Montessori Pink Tower and Extension Activities
The Pink Tower's initial purpose is to teach children the concept of size order. As they carefully handle each cube one by one, they refine both fine and gross motor skills.
montessori pink language series reading pink
Simple Activities in the Montessori Language Pink Series
Provide easy words to begin your child's reading and writing practice and find out activities you can prepare and present so the child will learn the English language.
nomenclature cards montessori classified cards montessori 3 part cards mindsprout
Montessori 3-Part Cards: What These Are and How To Use Them
Are you curious about what 3-part cards in Montessori are? Here we'll talk about why they are used instead of flashcards, how they are used, and printable classified cards you can easily download and use...
number rods red rods montessori diy
How to DIY Montessori Number Rods
Create your own number rods with these two simple alternative DIYs and save yourself some money and time to do Montessori at home!
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