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Simple Solutions to Your Printing Problems
Tips and help for printing homeschool printables, including solutions for common printing issues such as black boxes double-sided printing.
How to Prepare Your Printable Homeschool Materials
Learn how to efficiently prepare and organize your homeschooling materials using these helpful tips on printing, cutting, laminating, and binding.
New to Montessori? Here's What You Need to Know
Discover and understand better what Montessori education is, including its key subjects, basic principles, homeschooling tidbits, and why it's just wonderful!
DWYER Language (2)
How to DIY Montessori Metal Insets Tray
Looking for an inexpensive way to use your metal insets with ease? Here’s a DIY tutorial how I did ours and how you can do it too!
phonogram families test, montessori language
FREE Phonogram Families Test in Dwyer Approach to Montessori Language
Phonogram testing helps children decode words and understand their meanings, leading to confident reading and writing. Get your free writing prompt now!
phonogram sorting, montessori language, dwyer approach, mindsprout
How to Do the Phonogram Sorting Exercise
Find out how to present this lesson of phonogram sorting and help the children identify and group phonograms according to the sound they make.
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