Simple, Budget-friendly, & Authentic Montessori Homeschool Curriculum Manual & Print Kit

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What is Hometessori?

Hometessori is a play on words for Montessori at Home. It is a Montessori album collection (or curriculum) with lesson guides and printable materials of different subject areas, ideally for home educators.

Per subject area, the curriculum includes the Hometessori Manual and the Print Kit. The list of contents is detailed further on this page. 

This is best for those who are (1) new to Montessori, (2) want to follow a high-fidelity guide, and (3) have a limited budget. 

Why Montessori?

Montessori education is designed to meet the needs of children at every stage of their lives. It is not simply a method of teaching but a way of life, emphasizing the importance of observing what is already present and bringing about the best possible outcomes for each child

Therefore, the focus is on fulfilling the inner needs of the child, rather than aiming for specific intellectual or academic achievements


What's Inside the Hometessori Curriculum?

  • Montessori Theory
  • Scope & Sequence with monitoring checkboxes
  • Lesson guides, including the aims of each & how each is presented in easy steps
  • Recommended age for presentation
  • Materials to prepare
  • Extension activities
  • Daily observation record
  • Weekly planner
  • Related lessons
  • Instructions on how to prepare the material
  • Ready-to-print-and-cut materials
  • Recommended storage
  • Alternative material, if any
  • Other tips and suggestions
Note: The print “kit” only includes the printable materials and does not include the tools that may be necessary to create them.

Hometessori Album Collection

Try Montessori at home NOW without the overthinking!

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