How to DIY Montessori Red Rods

Red rods are sensorial material which is used as a direct preparation for number rods. I’m excited to share how we DIY-ed this and it’s really easy!

Below you’ll find two ways how I did this.

1. DIY Red Rods (Blocks with Tape only)

This DIY red rods make use of just Jenga blocks and tape. (No paint! It’s so much easier.) Here’s our DIY of number rods where we used paint. You can try that with this DIY too if you like!


  • Jenga Blocks (55 pieces); You’ll have to find an extra piece because there’s only 54 wooden blocks in one set of Jenga.
    • Note: If you buy the cheap ones, there might be blocks that have chips or are not cut evenly
    • I actually used the colored ones we already had at home but they weren’t all smooth and even as I noted above.
  • Red painter’s tape, at least 1″ (2 rolls)
  • Wood Glue

DIY Procedure:

Note: I tried to figure out the neatest way to cover with tape. This is how I did it —

  1. Each rod increases in length by one Jenga piece length (7.5 cm long)
  2. For rods of 2 or more, JOIN the ends of the rods together with wood glue and then tape them together (Like the last rod in the picture).
mindsprout montessori red rods diy
(WIP, I needed 2 more blocks!)

3. To COVER the rods:

  • Tape half of the thin side and fold the other half on the broader side.
  • Do it on the other side as well.
  • Finally, cover the whole broad side from one end to the other (vertically, like draping a towel) then around, back to the initial point. This way, you covered the folded ends of the tape on the broad side.

2. DIY Red Rods (Printable)


DIY Procedure:

  1. Print the file above on cardstock (at least 250 gsm) or on regular paper then laminate if preferred
  2. Cut the red rods (I prefer the 3D)
  3. Laminate in recommended heat, if preferred.
    • Place them between the laminating sheets.
    • Read our tips for laminating here.
    • Cut again with sealed edges and ta-dah!
number rods red rods montessori diy
Extension activity with laminated DIY red rods and number rods.

If you followed this DIY, please let us know and tag us on IG @MindSproutPH. Happy crafting!

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