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Montessori Arts Music
Beyond Numbers and Letters: Exploring Montessori Art and Music
Table of Contents Montessori Art The Role of Art in Montessori Education Key Components of Montessori Art Art Materials in Montessori Variety and Quality of Materials Montessori Music The Montessori...
More About the Montessori Stamp Game + DIY Printable
To teach children a variety of mathematical operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, we use the Montessori Stamp Game. It consists of square tiles that represent numerical...
Skip Counting in Montessori: Exploring the Short Chain and Long Chain
Skip counting is a fundamental concept in early mathematics that forms the basis for more advanced mathematical skills. In Montessori education, skip counting is introduced through the use of specialized...
Montessori Linear Counting with the Hundred Chain and Thousand Chain
Here we will explore the significance of linear counting in Montessori education, delve into the presentation of the Hundred Chain and Thousand Chain materials, and discuss how they empower children to...
Overview of the Montessori Spindle Boxes + DIY Printable
Montessori Spindle Boxes consist of a set of wooden boxes with compartments for organizing and counting spindles (which are wooden sticks). It is used to teach children early math concepts, specifically...
More About the Montessori Hundred Board
The Montessori Hundred Board is a fundamental material in Montessori, designed as a visual representation of numbers from 1 to 100. It helps children recognize number patterns, understand number relationships,...
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