Best Gift Ideas for Montessori Teachers and Homeschoolers

Looking for Montessori-inspired gifts for teachers or moms to appreciate them for their hard work and dedication in guiding the children in their learning? Then, go ahead and keep reading.

Thoughtful Gifts for Moms and Teachers Who Love Montessori

1. Montessori Materials

In Montessori, we use different materials that when added up will amount to a lot. They may be expensive because of the quality and their reusability, but they are well worth the investment. If you know that the person you’re planning to give a gift to has been thinking of buying a work material but couldn’t purchase it on their own, offer it as a gift!

If you don’t have an idea, try looking into a list of materials used in the age group that she’s teaching. Or ask directly which one she still needs!

2. Books about Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori was the founder of the Montessori method, so any teacher or mom who loves Montessori education would appreciate a book written by her. Here are some of her most popular works:

These books provide a great introduction to the Montessori philosophy and method, and would make a thoughtful and educational gift.

3. Statement Apparel

If you’re looking for shirts or even socks, we recommend checking out our shop, which offers a variety of apparel with Montessori-inspired quotes, graphics, and designs. Here are some examples:

These items can be a fun and practical way to show support for Montessori education and create a sense of community among educators and parents.

4. Stickers

Montessori teachers and homeschooling parents can use these decorative stickers for their own notebooks, laptops, phone cases, tumblers, and so on! These can also be used as a stationary for recording in their lesson/work plans for individual child or class.

I’ve posted these stickers once in some FB groups for Montessori teachers and administrators, and woah, they are so well-adored! You should definitely check these out.

As requested, we’ve also made a set in Spanish! [We’re currently working on stickers depicting multicultural children. Will update this as soon as we’re done!]

5. Gift Cards

These are best for when you’re gifting a group or when you’re running out of time!

You won’t have a hard time thinking what to get for anyone specific. But a personal note can make it more thoughtful.

Check out these printable punny gift card holders that are inspired by Montessori materials.

6. Other useful merchandise

Here are other products that you might be interested in checking out!

You’ll find bags, mugs, socks, and gift wrapping paper in the link below 👇

These gifts are perfect for teachers and moms who are passionate about child-led learning and preparing the child for adulthood. Whether you choose Montessori materials, books on Montessori education, shirts, stickers, or gift cards, you are sure to delight them with a thoughtful and Montessori-inspired gift.

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