Montessori Addition Strip Board Lesson and More

What is the Montessori Addition Strip Board?

The Montessori Addition Strip Board is a white rectangular board with a block of squares. Above each column of squares are numbers from 1 to 18. This material also includes a set of nine blue strips and another set of nine red strips, with lengths from 1 to 9 corresponding to the squares. On the right end of each strip, a corresponding number is printed.


  • Invite the child and introduce the addition strip board.
  • Show the numbers on the top and point out the red line after ten.
    • The red line serves to show how many are needed to make ten and how many extra there are.
    • It also teaches the child how numbers split into two sections, one for completing 10 and the other for bringing us closer to completing a second 10.
  • Show how to arrange the blue strips on the left of the board, with 9 on the top and all of them aligned to the left. Align the red strips in a similar manner to the right of the board.
  • Say, “Let’s add 8 + 5.” Show how to place the blue strip of nine aligned to the left on the first blank row, placing the strip of 7 next to it.
  • Point out the answer above the last number on the red strip.
  • Read the equation, saying “Eight plus five equals thirteen.”
  • Return the strips and repeat with other numbers.
  • Introduce the addition tables and start with the table of 1.
  • Read the problem: “1 + 1 = ” and find the answer with the strips.
  • Ask the child to write the answer on the addition table and read the equation aloud.
  • Complete the entire table in the same way, and invite the child to continue with the rest of the tables.
  • Introduce the addition control chart for the child to check his answers.
  • When the tables are complete, the child can write them onto a booklet.

Extension Activities

  1. Additions done randomly
  2. Combination of 12
  3. Combinations of 10, showing repetition
  4. Eliminating repetition

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