Montessori Pink Tower and Extension Activities

What is the Montessori Pink Tower?

The Pink Tower holds a distinguished place in every Montessori primary classroom worldwide. It’s a seriation composed of ten cubes ranging in size from 1 cm³ to 10 cm³. Children as young as 2 and a half years old encounter the Pink Tower during their early preschool years. While it primarily serves as a sensorial material, it also imparts essential language and early mathematical concepts related to the decimal system.

The Pink Tower’s initial purpose is to teach children the concept of size order. As they carefully handle each cube one by one, they refine both fine and gross motor skills. Beyond this, the Pink Tower and its accompanying exercises offer numerous opportunities for cognitive and physical development. These include skills like sequencing, eye-hand coordination, fine motor dexterity, midline crossing, bilateral coordination, refinement of baric (weight) sense, concentration, and the nurturing of self-confidence.


Note: Display the pink tower visibly stacked vertically. This should not be displayed horizontally.

Watch this VIDEO to learn how to present this lesson.

Extension Activities

  1. Removing one cube
  2. Grading at a distance (using 2 separate work spaces)
  3. Language game (Choose a cube and ask the child to get one that is smaller or larger.)
  4. Environment game (Ask the child to find something in the room or house that is the exact size (or shape).
  5. Stereognostic game (using a blindfold)
  6. Matching with pink tower cards (watch this VIDEO)
  7. Forming the pink tower based on the pattern cards

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