More About the Montessori Hundred Board

What is the Montessori Hundred Board?

The Montessori Hundred Board is a fundamental material in Montessori, designed to teach children essential mathematical concepts. This grid of one hundred squares is a visual representation of numbers from 1 to 100. Its purpose extends beyond mere counting; it helps children recognize number patterns, understand number relationships, and develop critical mathematical skills that lay the foundation for more advanced concepts.


  1. Invite the child, introduce the hundred board, and bring the material to the work space
  2. Arrange the number tiles into rows by tens (all 10s in a row, then all 20s, etc.) They do not have to follow the correct numerical order in their row.
  3. Proceed to place the 1-10 in a row at the top of hundred board in a numerical order.
    Note: Name each tile as you place it and work from left to right on each row.
  4. After placing the first row, verify if the order of the tiles is correct.
  5. Continue to add another row of tens until the board is complete, if the child can place the row of number tiles before it.
  6. Show the control card and tell the child to refer to it as a guide for sequencing.

Extension Activities

  1. The child builds the hundred board without the control card
  2. The child builds the hundred board from 0 to 99, which puts the 20 in the same row as 21, 22, 23, etc.
  3. The child fills up a blank paper hundred chart

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