Simple & Fun Way How to Read Phonetic Words

As part of the total Montessori approach to the development of language, here are the stages to having the keys to write and read in English, according to Muriel Dwyer:

Feel free to browse the previous stages at will. We have printable materials and references to go along with these stages. Now, we are at Stage 5!

Stage 5: Activity Words

Prior to this stage, the child has learned about sounds, letters, building words with them, and reading phonetic words too.

To further practice these, we make a fun exercise with Activity Words.

activity words, phonetic words, montessori language material, mindsprout

How to Use Activity Word Cards

A small group of children is invited to take turns in reading and acting out the words written or printed on strips of paper, approximately 20 x 8 cm (8 x 3.15 in) or . The adult can also encourage the older children to write their own commands on the paper for new readers to act out.

You can also use the phonetic activity words (possible in smaller dimensions) with one child at a time.


The words in each card are phonetic within the 40 key sounds, which makes learning the same principle of reading phonetically just more exciting and not any more difficult. Yay!

Here we have the printable material for this, which is divided into two sets (i.e., the second set is more difficult to act) and available in two different sizes and fonts. This includes 150 activity words in total. Even perfect for a big group of children! Check this out here.

activity words, phonetic words, montessori language material, mindsprout

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