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“There are two main paths that lead to ‘Total Reading’, i.e., the mechanical path and the interpretative path and the two must be developed side by side if harmony is to be maintained and reading is to be a joy.” – Muriel Dwyer

Overview: Muriel Dwyer Approach to Montessori Writing & Reading

Muriel Dwyer developed this approach covering only the mechanical side for learning the English language over a 3 to 4 year period from age 3. This is only part of the complete Montessori reading scheme, but with overall 13 stages.

  • Stages 1 to 3 are the pre-reading period.
  • Stages 4 to 7 are the beginning of the reading period.
  • Stages 8 to 13 further help with the mastery.

Following the sequence of these activities is important to properly assist the child in her natural development in learning to write and read. Hence, the child must show mastery on each stage before proceeding to the next.

This file includes an overview of the 13 stages. You can download it here.

Montessori Practical Life Activities Record Sheets

Included in this file are the most basic of the preliminary exercises and activities for care of the environment, care of self, grace and courtesy, and control of movement. It is also arranged in a way you can monitor the progress of your child.

If you’re interested to see the full length of Practical Life activities, you can check it out here.

Montessori Language Activities Record Sheets

Included in this file are the activities covering only 3 of 13 language areas, namely, vocabulary enrichment, language development, and writing. It is also arranged in a way you can monitor the progress of your child.

If you’re interested to see the full length of Language activities, you can check it out here.

Sandpaper Letters Cut-Out Templates

It would be too long to include everything here so I have to redirect you to another blog post where I shared in detail how I DIY-ed our sandpaper letters using these templates. The file is also linked there. Click here.

Color Tablets 1-3

Included in this file are printable color tablets used in Montessori sensorial for gradation, visual discrimination of colors, and matching.

Daily Observation Record Sheet

Included in this file are five columns with legends included for your guidance. I also included separate columns for the observations:

— Objective: where you may write what the child did in actual
— Subjective: where you can put in your comments and notes to look back on

In record keeping or note taking, I always remind myself that I’m doing it for me. It’s to keep track of things I tend to forget or overlook. It isn’t for anyone to look at and judge. So I would just write and try not to be perfect. We don’t have to complete every column. It’s all up to ourselves. Consistency is much better than perfection


Phonogram Families Test

Included in this file are two pages of writing prompts for testing whether the child has already mastered Stage 9 of the Montessori Key to Reading and Writing (Dwyer Approach). More details here

 montessori story scrip on biological classifications

Montessori Story Scripts on Biological Classifications

Get this file to have prepared scripts to talk about the following:

  • The Story of the Living and Non-living Matter
  • The Story of Plants and Animals
  • The Story of Vertebrates and Invertebrate Animals
  • The Story of the Five Classes of Vertebrates

 mindsprout freebie montessori nomenclature cards invertebrates

Invertebrates Nomenclature Cards

Included in this file are the 3-part cards of different kinds of Cnidarians, Echinoderms, Worms, and Sponges with real images. They are designed with color-coded borders.

More information about invertebrates, including lesson presentation here.

 free classified cards montessori mindsprout

Montessori Classified Cards

Included in this file are the 3-part cards of common things:

  • Around the City
  • Around the Home
  • Around the Kitchen, and
  • Home Repair Tools

More information about Montessori classified cards, including lesson presentation here.

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