Simple Introduction to Montessori Word Study

Word study activities are a valuable tool for developing children’s understanding of language structure. They are parallel to reading analysis activities, but it is best to have enough experience with reading analysis before starting word study. Through word study, we explore the nuances of language and learn to recognize what is the same or different.

We learn about compound words, root words, and word families, as well as animal collectives and animals and their young. We also examine words that can be confusing, such as homophones. Our goal is to help children develop a deeper understanding of the structure of language. We use lots of cards and charts to help us display the information in an orderly way. We use various tools to aid in our word study activities, such as cards and charts that display information in an organized manner.

Typically, these activities are started at around 5.5 to 6 years old, starting with oral exercises before transitioning to written words. The purpose of these activities is to satisfy children’s desire for new words and to support their creativity and reading skills.

We usually start by doing these activities one-on-one, but as children get older, they prefer more group work, and the activities become more collaborative. This provides an opportunity for them to learn from one another and develop their teamwork skills.

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