Compound Words Study with Simple Montessori Lesson and Games

Compound words are formed by joining two separate words that are related to one another and are complete on their own. Know more about the Montessori lesson on this word study as you keep reading below πŸ‘‡

Word Study on Compound Words


  • Box containing objects or images such as watermelon, toothbrush, teacup
  • Prepared labels – set of complete words (with border around) of the objects or images in the box for independent work
  • Prepared labels – set of component words of the same objects/images (just cut into two)
  • Prepared compound words chart for independent work

Save yourself some time and grab this ready-to-print and cut materials for this lesson HERE.

Presentation I:

  1. Invite the child and bring the materials (picture cards, two sets of prepared compound word cards – complete and cut sets)
  2. Pick 5-8 cards and name each one as you place them in a column.
  3. Write or get the word corresponding to each picture/object. The child reads and places them beside each picture/object.
  4. Ask, β€œDo you notice anything about these words?”
  5. Help the child to discover that the words are made up of two smaller words.
  6. Go through each one and discuss how the words are related.
  7. Gather the labels and put away the pictures/objects.
  8. Ask if the children would like to see more words.

Presentation II:

  1. Introduce the set 2 of prepared labels and place the left-side words in a column and read.
  2. Place the right-side words in a column to the right, touching the first column.
  3. Read each word. Ask, β€œDoes the word make sense?” (Yes: leave it; No: move it further right)
  4. Find the correct combinations for the unmatched words
  5. Read the list from top to bottom to discuss their relationships

Presentation III:

  1. Introduce the compound word chart.
  2. Discuss the meaning of each word and invite the child to use it in a sentence.
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Fun Word Study Games for Compound Words

Game I:

  1. Invite 2 children and each child takes one column of words
  2. First child puts a card down, and the 2nd child completes it.
  3. Have them switch turns.

Game II:

  1. Invite 2 children and each with a set of words, fanning them out.
  2. Each child takes a card from the other’s hand.
  3. If there’s a match with the cards on hand, these are placed on the table.
  4. Game ends when one child matches all cards on hand.

Have fun learning, sprouts!

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