Montessori Lesson about Suffixes with Presentation and More!

A suffix is a syllable that is added to the end of a root word to alter its meaning and often its part of speech. Know more about the Montessori lesson on this word study as you keep reading below 👇

Word Study on Suffixes


  • Set of printed cards with root words and examples of these words with suffixes
  • Chart of root words and examples of these words with suffixes.

Save yourself some time and grab this ready-to-print and cut materials for this lesson HERE.


  1. Choose a card and read the root word. Use it in a sentence.
  2. Say, “We call this the root word. We can add a few letters to it.”
  3. Continue reading all the words on the card.
  4. Ask, “What do you notice about these words?”
  5. Explain, “These extra letters are called suffixes. Adding them to the end of the root word changes the meaning.”
  6. Discuss the meaning of each word and how it relates to the root word. Use each word in a sentence.
  7. Repeat with the other cards.
  8. Encourage the child to write sentences with these words.
  9. Introduce the chart of suffixes.
montessori language suffixes word study mindsprout
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