Simple Plants and Animals Sorting Game in Montessori

By sorting, children understand that things are alike and different;  that they can belong to, and be organized into groups. This Montessori activity focuses on helping children to understand the concept of plants and animals.

How to Play the Montessori Sorting Game


Create sets of pictures from categories of plants and animals.

These sets of pictures should not necessarily be the same as those from the stories. Ideally, the sorting card sets should match the topics covered in the booklets. If you add new topics to the booklets, make sure to include them in these card sets as well.

I made a printable with watercolor pictures. You can find it by clicking through the image below.

Get your copy here!


  1. Invite an individual or small group to participate.
  2. Show the cards one by one and ask the child to name the object in the picture and identify whether it is a plant or an animal.
  3. Sort the cards into two piles or columns based on the child’s identification.
  4. Encourage the children to do this activity with a friend.

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