Free Montessori Stories on Biological Classification

This Montessori lesson focuses on introducing children to basic concepts in biology through simple storybooks. Children will learn about living and non-living matter, plants and animals, vertebrates and invertebrates, and the five classes of vertebrates.


Simple story books that focus on two different but related biological classifications:

  • The Story of the Living and Non-living Matter
  • The Story of Plants and Animals
  • The Story of Vertebrates and Invertebrate Animals
  • The Story of the Five Classes of Vertebrates

Note: Add more equally essential or basic topics as needed.


  1. Invite one person or a small group to pick and read a book.
  2. Have a short talk about the book.
  3. Invite the children to read together.

What’s next?

After each story, you can do the sorting games:

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