jellyfish montessori zoology invertebrates parts of the jellyfish 5 part cards mindsprout

Montessori Materials for Parts of the Jellyfish Activity

Once the child has learned about the different types of invertebrates, particularly the Cnidarians, they might be interested in learning about the parts of the jellyfish.

Jellyfish have existed for millions of years, even predating the dinosaurs, but they haven’t evolved much. They don’t have a brain, heart, bones, or eyes. 95% of their body is made up of water.

Before learning about their parts, have the child observe an actual jellyfish (or a model) to help them have a more concrete grasp on the subject.

Materials to Support Learning the Parts of the Jellyfish

Jellyfish Lamp

With synthetic jellyfishes inside, this simulates how jellyfishes move.

Jellyfish Model

You can use the jellyfish object from this set:

You can also provide printable materials to support this learning and help the child know the different parts of the jellyfish.

Printable Activities to Learn the Parts of the Jellyfish

1. Montessori Zoology 5-Part Nomenclature Cards

The Parts of a Jellyfish Activity helps children know how jellyfish catch food, how they swim by contracting their muscles and shoot water from their bell. They have stinging cells (nematocysts) on their tentacles that stun prey, which they then lift to their mouth.

This learning material have a pink border around each card. Color coding is used to tell apart the different phyla of the Animal Kingdom in Montessori. The color pink is used to identify the phylum of cnidarians, such as the jellyfish.

This includes a set of cards with 5 parts including the definitions and a booklet with descriptions about each part of the jellyfish. This is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6.

Zoology Nomenclature Cards are unique to Montessori classrooms and provide an engaging alternative to textbooks and worksheets. They are a beautiful resource that encourages children to learn concepts, rather than rush through to finish a worksheet.

2. Control Chart and Fill-in Posters

After learning the individual parts of the jellyfish, display the wall chart and invite the child to make her own wall chart of the parts of the sponge with these printable poster sheets of 3 different charts:

  • With color and label
  • Without color, with label
  • Without color, without label

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3. Montessori Zoology Definitions Booklets

jellyfish montessori zoology invertebrates parts of the jellyfish 5 part cards mindsprout
montessori zoology invertebrates parts of the jellyfish anatomy 5 part cards and booklet mindsprout

For further work on the Cnidarians, you can introduce another animal in the phylum and study the different parts with nomenclature cards as well.

  • Match pictures with labels.
  • Create pictures, labels, and definitions.
  • Create a booklet of animal parts nomenclature.
  • Create a wall chart of animal parts nomenclature.
  • Repeat the same procedure for other animals in the phylum.

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